The first day of May sticks in my mind as "MayDay".  In school we would have a break from studies and spend the entire day outdoors having physical events such as relay races and different games and treats.  A big lemon with a hole poked in it and an old fashioned peppermint stick stuck in was one of the most memorable treats of the day.  A rare time when my Mom would go to school.  I remember wanting to "show her off" to all my friends.  An entire lifetime has passed.  Many of my friends and family have already passed on to the next reality.  Oh, I do miss them.  In prospective, it won't be long till I too will be walking among them.  Sorry, feeling a little melancholy today.  Stop in the Musicians Live Room Wednesday & Friday nights for a good time of music and chat.


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May Birthdays of Musicians Current or Past
strangs on the 23rd
tg67gt on the 23rd
rham54 on the 25th
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