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Paltalk is no longer allowing the classic version download.  The time has unfortunately come to move up to the new version.  Let them know what you don't like, so they can make changes.  So far, we know that no volume control or text format are big issues, especially for the musicians who have vision issues.  TELL PALTALK.

We have several very good musicians and we appreciate each one of you.  We know that you are playing in other venues and that is fine.  Please don't advertise other venues in the room.  If you wish to pm your friends or post on your facebooks to advertise, that is great but the room is about the room.  I love you all and hope that we can continue to enjoy MLR for years to come.

Feel free to advertise when you plan to play in the room, that way you will be sure to have some friends around.  Bring your own party!  It really is all about you!        Cam up and let people watch you play & sing or if you are a listener cam up so we can see your smiles of appreciation.  It is so nice to put a face to a name. 

We love you, and whatever you are comfortable with is good.

The jam in Ozark took place on the weekend of the 27th thru the 29th of September.  Be sure to check out the new pics and vids which will be posted on this site as well as on the Musicians Live Room in Facebook.  Be sure to look us up there and join.





 Two Birthdays This Month:

Johnny Beach on the 20th

Ron Hamilton (RHam) on the 25th

See you soon in
Musicians Live Room