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I love the crisp cold air and the smell of the wood fires.  The crunch of the sparkly white snow under the toe of your boot with each step.  I love picking out a present for those I love, taking special care to make it something they will not have to return after the holiday is over.  That becomes a small miracle when you have 6 grandchildren.    The past couple of months we have seen a decline in numbers in the Musicians Live Room.  I am not sure that is due to the new version of Paltalk that they have forced upon us or a change in the people themselves.

I hope that people will come together for the holidays and share the beautiful gift of music that resides in each one.    Happy Hanukkah to our Jewish friends and Merry Christmas to our Christian friends.  And Happy Holidays to those of you who don't celebrate for any other reason than it's December!  Love you all.  Here's to a wonderful 2020, filled with awesome music and conversation with friends old and new.









December birthdays:

LadySelene on the 19th

Melbert on the 29th

See you soon in
Musicians Live Room
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